In primo piano
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In primo piano
  Chocolate and Alcohol  

The combination of chocolate and liquors has always been a perfect match to end a special lunch or to savour a gratifying sampling after dinner.  To make this union perfect, distilled spirits, liqueurs or fortified wines are necessary because only with these can the distinctive flavour and persistence of pure chocolate be complemented.  Perfect harmony is achieved allowing the chocolate to melt on the palate so that its complex of flavours is augmented through the other alcoholic ingredients and satisfy the most demanding tastes.

The flavours of the liquors and the chocolate should remain in the mouth for the same time.  The darker and the bitterer the chocolate the more the beverage must have robustness of character.  If the chocolate is sweet the beverage should also be equally amiable.

When the chocolate melts in the mouth all of the taste sensations are perceived, but they generally abandon the palate quickly.  Therefore it is necessary to combine it with liquors that immediately exalt its flavour.  Only when tasting the cacao paste and the persistence of the bitterness and the complexity of the flavours is long lasting, is there therefore the necessity of a beverage that requires equally long durations for its flavours to be fully appreciated.


First inhale the fragrance of the beverage chosen.

Take a sip and swirl it around the mouth so as to be able to perceive its aromatic subtelties.

Inhale the aroma of the chocolate, swallow the liquor just sipped and begin to allow the chocolate to melt on the tongue slowly distributing it throughout the mouth.

Sip a little more of the liquor until the mouth is cleansed.

The chocolate should be completely melted in the mouth before sipping the liquor.