In primo piano
Voc. Caselle, 286/I - Fraz. Pantalla
06059 Todi (PG)
Umbria - ITALIA
Tel:+39 075 888 653
Fax:+39 075 895 0238
In primo piano
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As per art. 13 of the legislative decree no. 196/2003 (“code”) in relation to your personal information that have been received by us and that we intend to process, we inform you that:
All of the information acquired from the compiling company has to do with the management of clients/ suppliers/agents, carried out by way of data input into our company data base so as to fulfil our regulatory, contractual, internal work organisation, statistical and other obligations, in any case connected with the performance of the economic activities of our Firm.  The processing may come about with or without the use of electronic means or in any case automated and includes all operations foreseen by article  4 clause 1 letter a) of the code, necessary for the treatment in question.  You have the right: to obtain the update, the correction, or that is, the addition of data, the cancellation, the transformation in an anonymous manner or the blockage of the data dealt with in violation of the law.  You may also  object in part or completely to the processing of the data in question either for legitimate reasons, even though pertinent to the collection, as well as for the treatment of the data themselves so as to dispatch publicity or direct sales materials or for the fulfilling of market research or other commercial communication.
The Proprietor of the data processing is Vannucci S.p.A., with offices in Loc. Caselle, 286/I – 06059 Pantalla di Todi (PG).