In primo piano


In primo piano

During the Renaissance, Pietro Vannucci, known as "Il Perugino" was a shining light in the world of artists: one who gave great prestige to Umbria and in particular to Perugia through his paintings, distinguished by their compositional harmony and balance, which have been exhibited in the finest museums in the world.

The success of a time, found in the art of Perugia's Master Confectioners has made this city the capital of sweetness.  Vannucci came into being recalling these noble examples, laying claim to the legacy of this most ancient confectioner's productive art by offering with its chocolates an extravaganza of unique, inimitable and unforgetable sensations. 

A result that may be achieved only through a scrupulous selection of raw materials and great and attentive care for each single detail within the production phases.

Vannucci is a company that produces high quality hand crafted chocolates in the respect of the most authentic tradition of Perugia, making of it pralines for refined connoisseurs.  We have selected the most highly prized cacao beans for our exclusive chocolate recipe.

We have brought back the famous liqueur filled chocolates, the pralines with cherry that go so well with a chocolate mousse or with maraschino, the fruit cocktail made with almond paste and other delights.
In a period in which habits and eating styles are ever more linked to cultural choices and the quality of life, it becomes important to offer products that impact every aspect, which means that these must be:

- Excellent on the palate
- Beautiful to see
- Innovative in the quality and exclusivity of their recipes.

These principles, much more important for a Company, like ours, which wants to establish itself for quality, which cannot be limited only to that of its products, but quality that will influence the presentation of its packaging, the relationships it has with its Clients and with its Co-workers.